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From the album Misunderstood

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Written by Carlton 'Inertia' Wilson. Produced by Carlton 'Inertia' Wilson.


Never had much but I never felt poe\
Mama kept me clean really I ain't even know\
The struggle she was facing, the whole situation\
Lookin' back now, shit forever I'll be grateful\
Tryna live right in this life full of wrong\
Tryna veer north with no compass on my arm\
Just movin' off feelin', hoping i'm forgiven\
If I veer left and I make the wrong decision\
And if I aint, Imma do me\
And look whatever happens in the face like a G\
All the sacrifices that my mother made for me\
Bout to have her sippin' Baileys chillin' on the beach\
Or maybe on the water, kickin' up her feet\
It's up to you Mama just leave it up to me\
And I'll leave it up to G-O-D and give my best to this music and the rest we'll see\