From the album Misunderstood

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J.O.B. feat. Tee Cox

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Written by Carlton "Inertia" Wilson, Terri "Tee Cox" Cox. Produced by Carlton "Inertia" Wilson, Joshua "Klasic" Singleton.


Can I tell you a story\
If you can keep a secret\
There's only one real thing\
That can keep me wet\
It's You\
You got a job to do

Tee Cox Verse 1:
Come and lay me down and out\
Come take me\
Take me\
Take me\
If you can't keep a secret, my only last regret is you\
These lines aint ever blurred, best story ever heard is you\

Verse 2:
Let me hit it from the back while I'm grabbin your front\
Your body shaking like a seizure when I'm making you nut\
Treat your hips like a shotty and commence to pump\
And when I bust you be sucking like spaghetti for lunch\
Everytime you hit my celly I remember the sexin\
Cause Nersha put the dick down like a loosing erection\
I give you deep long strokes but never no peckin\
Before your man start talking girl you betta go check him\
Cause I don't wanna have to wreck him, he aint knowing the name\
Tell him don't hate the player go and hate the game\
Young Nersh nigga and I'm doing my thang\
Niggas runnin when I'm gunnin with that bullet on my chain\
When I get that range with the dubs on the feet, TV's in the back seat\
Nigga gon freak\
Crawling wit a creep, with a trunk full of beats, when I tip on the screens they'll be playing Ali\
That means I'm the champ and niggas bout to vamp, you stupid if you think you fucking with Inertia's camp\
J-Rone, Klasic, niggas taking over shit, TP swing through then we hop in the whip\
For my niggas smoking dro, poppin at the hoes, daily intervals, that is how it goes, all my niggas know\
How we do it\


Verse 3:
Girl you know I'm on my job though\
My hands around your waistline as you grind slow\
All day, got you all hot and bothered in this hall way\
Now unbuckle me, it's time to get it started\
And lift up that dress, girl that ass retarded\
You asked what my number is so I can slide through\
We'll get to that, right now I gotta job to do\

(Hook out)