From the album Misunderstood

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On Deck feat. J-Rone

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Written by Carlton "Inertia" Wilson, Justin "J-Rone" Rone. Produced by Carlton "Inertia" Wilson.


Y'all niggas want beats well bet we on deck\
Y'all niggas need some trees well bet we on deck\
Said you lookin for that heat my nigga we on deck\
Say nigga we on deck, my nigga we on deck\

J-Rone Verse 1:
Is it just an instrumental, when instruments hit your mental\
You spit the shit wit no pencil, if ya phony may offend you\
No Coast\
That's the label B, I'm bout to spit these bars in code but don't label me\
Chickens all up on my johnson, Avery\
Cause I'm authentic never down for the fakery\
All about my bakery dough bread and cake\
Bring me Chris and Ciroc(k) like the fuckin head of state\
Never hesitate to bring the flow that devastate\
Decimate the comp Mike Tyson verses featherweights\
Educate niggas, yea a little bit of knowledge\
I'm a bachelor that means I took a little bit of college\
And my flow just got so polished and this beat just got demolished\
I am hot that's what you get when you mix peppers with tamales\
Sucker federales can not mess with my compadres we on deck cut the check and then when hoppin on the highway\


Verse 2:

Inertia is a genius, swag on a 1000\
Beaming like a meteor, call me Robert Townsend\
Can't nobody fuck with this, stay up on my double shit\
Lay the track and the rap, triple double no assists\
I'm hotter than the best out, rappin with my chest out\
Ready to see my next new fan with her breasts out\
Yes I'm on my missions crushing all the completion\
Pockets keep collecting digits, that's just how a nigga livin\
Reppin for the middle of the US where we're spittin\
Everything that y'all been missing all you gotta do is listen\
Nigga this is napalm, blow and leave the safe gone\
Young Nersh and Rone, No Coast like the lakes gone\
Oops I mean the ocean man this beat just cause commotion\
Twist the best up when were smoking bet that shit will have you chokin\
Yet we never slowin roll another keep on blowin\
She say that No Coast be going and we a-already knowin\


Verse 3:
That's a problem not a bet brother\
Any rappers c'mon I son, Ed lover\
Baby boy you less gun and just more butter\
Melt under the heat, skirt wearing discreet\
I see it in ya eyes, you aint ready to die\
Might be ready to kill, but that aint the same ride\
These niggas need parents, I think that's well apparent\
And I may be rapping scripture, but I aint your daddy nigga\
I'm just an old soul doing me, and doing me is putting coins in my acc\
And thankfully bank of america will bank for me\
Until they stop, imma fill it up like A&P\
B to the -E-T-R to the -U-E\
Sharp with my Nike, sneakers on my two feet\
I am such a shoe freak, and my style is unique\
Boy my single mother had me fly since I was two feet\