1. On Me

From the album Misunderstood

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On Me

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Written by Carlton "Inertia" Wilson. Produced by Carlton "Inertia" Wilson.



That's on me\
And I could give a damn what they say about me\
That's on me\
That's on me\
On me, everybody say\ (Hey)
That's on me\
And I could give a damn what they say about me\
That's on me\
That's on me\
On Me\

Verse 1:

Back and forth with the drama, stay arguing with my mama\
Stay pondering ways to find a new job and then get a dollar\
So holla I'm wandering with no sponsor\
Just following what my heart says it tells me that I'm a problem\
And I'll be damn if I don't try and make it work\
Fuck what everybody sayin with y'all hateful words\
You aint ever did it, so you can't tell me, and even if you did\
Shit you can't tell me\
Cause Imma get it as long as I stay authentic\
And rip these records to shreds like paramesan on my dinner\
Nigga I been a winner, since the summer I entered\
In the world of beginners, dope dealers and gimmicks\
Niggas faking, they mimics, imitating their sentence\
Politcin' for digits, that really make me the sickest\
I ain't got time for cynics, I'm hear to handle my business\
As long as the lord wills it, I know real people will feel this\


Verse 2:

They hire me because they can't shake me\
They fire me because they can't break me\
So Imma be consistently amazing\
Entirely relying on what faith brings\
Trust, knowing I ain't by myself\
There's something not of this earth that'll lead me to my wealth\
As long as I look inside and never second guess\
That thing keeping me alive beating in my chest\
Yes, I am of a new breed\
Walk by faith not by sight that's the new creed\
With all y'all old rules, y'all just old school\
You betta keep up, cause the world moves\
And it don't slow for nan one of us\
No need in searching for the truth, it's right in front of us\
Open your eyes in every decision you make\
And you'll find the only thing that's sealing your fate\


Verse 3:
I'm in a business where substance of character\
Seems to come second to who your parents new marriage was\
Containing, but shit I ain't complaining\
I guess that's just the way it is, but you won't find me changing\
Nah, If I never blow up the way that I should\
Just wasn't in the cards, still Imma go hard\
And keep loving how I'm living, never ever giving\
Up 'till the day that they wrap me up with a ribbon\
And even then I just gotta feeling\
That Imma keep on pushing it to the ceiling\
Cause I've never been the type to be comfortable with just sitting\
I just gotta move the top is just so appealing\
I mean it's there, why would you choose to live in\
The bottom, where you deal with these rotten niggas and villians\
On a daily, shhh you niggas crazy\
I never understood a nigga who's happy, lazy\